Jan Vincent Kleine

Hello, my name is Vincent – I'm an adventure sports and outdoor photographer currently based in Hamburg, Germany. My interest in photography started at age seventeen with the goal to become a war photographer. After grammar school I studied engineering and economics and assisted several high profile commercial photographers to learn the trade. It was then that I realized that my two biggest passions in life are photography and the outdoors. So after graduation I decided to merge them and work full-time as a freelance photographer specializing in outdoor and adventure photography. 

What makes this so special for me – apart from often rather spectacular office views – is to be able to experience the athletes pursuing their passion and witnessing their dedication, their struggle and achievements. I am very thankful to be surrounded by people who burn for what they do. To be surrounded by people that inspire you. 
I try to translate this into images that communicate the passion to the audience and inspire to explore, dream and discover.

I am proud to be part of the awesome Red Bull family.